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Our Story


On a constant basis we are told who we are and how we should view ourselves, and often in a negative light. Mentality strives to push individuals to push pass the lens of life given by society. It strives to recenter one's values through self reflection and thus growth. Through pieces that highlight both beauty and controversial concepts Mentality aims to guide individuals towards a beneficial mindset.

The primary focus of this brand is to analyze the Black experience, working to represent Black beauty, strength, as well as excellence. Though, the brand also works to appreciate and unify various other groups as well.



   Meet The Artist  


My name is Deja Green. I am a 19 year old, Michigan based artist who's biggest goal is to have a good impact on many people. Throughout these past couple of years, many of the glaring issues I've noticed exist within the mindset of my peers. Mainly revolving around the way we percieve ourselves and eachother as a result of harmful narratives stemming from our society. In the past, the criticizations of my art have fueled my desire to push it even further. One of my favorite pieces I've done depicts a Black male angel in a cloudy sunset sky. Upon showing someone outside of the Black community, they questioned how an angel could be Black. Their comment showed me that I was moving in the right direction. 




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